138H5475 ROBIN-PP Ja-Bob ROBIN-PP Red = Relief P RF (Toubib-Toystory x Leif Sue VG 85) x Durable Rae P Red VG 86 x Vince Rae 1 Red VG 87 x Perk Rae EX x Beauty Rae EX x Jubilant Rae EX x Tony Rae EX 96 x TT Roxette EX 94 x Roxy EX 97 100 % Polled / Hornlos / Sans Cornes / Sin Cuernos No Lawn Boy blood 90 % red coat USA: 7275.1311.1 CH: US 000.7275.1311.1 aAa = 526

The first semen is now available of ROBIN-PP-RED, a RELIEF P RF son.  He has no Lawn Boy blood and is 90 % red!